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5 restaurant website examples that Lokobee has built.

Having a website is more like a necessity than a choice for restaurants these days. If they want to build a strong online presence, pull in customers and increase loyal customers, it’s even more important to have a restaurant site with essential components. Considering the competitive advantage and the need of the hour, you need to build your website with these components.  Wondering what these components are? Here are a few examples of websites Lokobee has built for the partner restaurants that will tell you everything about it. Menu with prices, descriptions and highlights Your menu is the most important thing for your food business. And what’s even more important is having it on your website. A well-built restaurant menu with food prices like Indian Garden gives your customers the details they need to order food from you. If it has the item descriptions and menu highlights, it works as a cherry on the cake. Contact info & Google Map A simple business website design of Royal K
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Features of the Lokobee business websites that help your restaurant grow.

Is your website ready to persuade your visitors for buying from you? You should yourself this question often. And if you don’t have a certain answer, you definitely need to check on the bright sides and loopholes and see if you’re pacing up with the trends. A restaurant site is supposed to be more than just a multiple-page website with your story, food pictures and contact details.  It has to have some technical features that help you get hungry shoppers on your side. Lokobee websites have ideal features that a website needs to have to cater to the current-generation foodies. Here they are -  1. One-page website   Websites with a single page are in trend. You can create a good user experience for your site visitors as these websites work seamlessly on mobiles. Unlike a multi-page website that can guide visitors in the wrong direction, one page websites make a good way to instantly convert visitors instead of leaving them confused, . With Lokobee sites, all your guests have to do is scr

Announcing Lokobee Websites For Restaurants.

We had been planning to come up with Lokobee Websites for a while. And here’s the good news - it’s here! Yes, we are so excited to have launched Lokobee’s websites for its partner restaurants.  Now you can have your own business website with stunning aesthetics, a customer-friendly interface, and technical features like a digital integrated menu and a promotions page. The websites have a simple yet sleek design to help visitors find what exactly they want and know who you are as a business, which most customers expect when they visit a restaurant website. With this, you can let your customers know about your business in your own way and make yourself stand apart, and constantly update them with the latest via your restaurant site.                                     But why Lokobee Websites? We’ve always seen Lokobee as an all-in-one online ordering and delivery platform. We started with the purpose to help small food businesses succeed and give them a platform to market and expand the

How to build a restaurant website that engages your visitors?

As a restauranteur, you must have built a website for your food business. But is your website intriguing enough to pull customers? To grab visitors' attention and get a hold of them, you need to be careful about a few things so that your website doesn’t lose engaging elements. The tips below will help you understand how you can boost customer engagement and increase online sales for your business. Keep upgrading your websites  A website is the first source of information that your customers shift to, to know about you. You should upgrade your restaurant site regularly to ensure they get the accurate and upgraded details of your business. Old and outdated info might mislead them and leave them disappointed in the end.  Start a blog  Blogging about your business is an excellent idea to get online exposure. Creating a restaurant website with a blog helps your business get found by the users easily and quickly. The reason is that when you share useful information like your personal rec

Seeing these signs? Time to get a new restaurant website.

Isn’t your website doing the job it’s meant to do like engaging customers, increasing traffic, and generating more leads? You might need to work on it. Sometimes, there are several problems instead of one that need your attention. That’s why we have put down the most common problems that might be ruining your growth. Let’s analyze.   Your website loads slow on mobile  The first sign is your website doesn’t work fast on all devices. Your restaurant website with online ordering must load faster on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. If it doesn’t, you sure need to get an upgrade immediately. So many millennials and Genz looking up your menu to order food from smartphones makes it important for you to optimize it on mobiles as well so you don’t end up losing potential loyal customers. Customers have trouble finding things  Your restaurant site should be as simple as it can be so your customers can locate things like your business hours, menu, and restaurant’s address easily. If they can’